Unpublished Plays

All plays on this page have yet to be published, although they have all had their world-premiere performances.  Please use our Contact Us form to inquire about perusal scripts and performance rights.

The Last Ticket Out of Thistleberry Thicket

(11 male, 15 female, 7 either; extras possible)

When a mysterious postcard blows into the tiny (literally) town of Thistleberry Thicket, the woodland creatures and garden sprites that live there are thrown into a tizzy!  Will young Emeline, who is scheduled to be wed at that year’s Harvest Festival, take this surprising new arrival as her cue to start her own adventure?

Ginger and Chase Across Time and Space

(9 male, 9 female, 13 either; doubling possible, many extras)

Ginger and Chase’s parents are having a garage sale, but the bored siblings will soon find that it isn’t just deal-seekers and old ladies that are rifling through their junk!  When their parents are abducted by trash-collecting aliens, the two kids are quickly joined by Space Ace-in-training Billy Tesla and the wandering alien Iolite as they travel across the universe in their Space Saver cardboard box, encountering all sorts of intergalactic friends and enemies!

Pandora’s Boxer Briefs

(11 male, 7 female, 10 either)

Doris Maples knows how hard it can be to put on a play.  In fact, she has to somehow put together an original production of Pandora at the Prom before they, due to a ticket misprint, open in just 24 hours!  In a late-night bout of despair, Doris wishes upon the wrong prop and unwittingly unleashes the mischievous spirits contained within Pandora’s Box!  Now it’s up to Doris, her wacky and lovable theater troupe, and these mystical and maniacal creatures to open their show…or risk being shut down forever!

The Incredible Illustrated Iris

(6 male, 10 female, 4 either; doubling and extras possible)

After her uncle moves away, Iris Merriwether finds it hard to relate to anyone, so she just stays in her room all day reading the old comic books he left behind for.  But when she reaches the end of an issue of her favorite comic, The Amazing Alexander, she suddenly switches places with its hero!  Can Iris, with the help of Alexander’s clumsy sidekick and an intrepid girl reporter (that’s not his girlfriend) make it back home to the real world, or will the jealous Robot Queen capture her first?  And will Alexander himself be able to return to his comic book home, or will he be forever tortured by Iris’s precocious little sister, Cici?  Find out next time in…The Incredible Illustrated Iris!

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