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The Rest of the West

(12 male, 11 female, 2 either)

This rousing cowboy comedy shoots from the hip and hits the funny bone!  Cyanide Gulch, the fourteenth-wildest town in all the West, is riled up on the day of the Big Shootin’ Contest, which awards the Red Ryder ‘73 BB gun of the late great Six-Gun Schmidt to the best shot in town.  Everyone is vying for the prize, including Annabelle Oates, a waitress at Sugar Shepherd’s Sassy-parilla shack; Peter Pig-Iron and his gang of outcast outlaws; and Double Aces McElroy, who is behind bars because he cheated in a game of Uno with Mayor Jeff Jeffries.  The only person who isn’t interested in the gun is Schmidt’s own son, Jasper, who would rather put on plays for the bored townspeople.  When Jasper inadvertently enters the contest, he and his friends find themselves on the run from outlaws, angry wives, and two people dressed up as a horse!

Please visit Pioneer Drama Service to buy perusal scripts and acquire the rights to perform this fun, family show!

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